Howdy! I’m Kouros Maghsoudi and I am a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, where I studied Sustainable Geography, Architecture, and Spanish. In the coming years, I intend to pursue a master’s degree in Urban Planning/Design with a focus on climate resiliency and adaptation. In case you were wondering, Kouros is Greek for “Urban Sustainability Savant” and its synonyms, according to Webster’s Dictionary, are listed as “Travel, Design, Sustainability,” and “Expert Gift Wrapper” (no need to fact check that).


Whether it is hitchhiking through Western Europe or backpacking alone down the Pan-American Highway in South America for five months, traveling is embedded in my DNA. With virtually all of my disposable income saved for traveling, I have had the opportunity to visit a multitude of countries, expanding my inter-cultural knowledge and global perspective. Traveling has also allowed me to view unique approaches to improving the built environment around the globe. With my never-ending desire for travel and cultural awareness, I always encourage collaborations with people from all walks of life.

Previous travel destinations include Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark*, Ecuador*, England, France, Germany*, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United States*

*countries I have lived in for an extended period of time


From analyzing the typography used in political campaigns to googling the designers of chairs spotted in movies, design is my drink of choice (on the rocks). Although I have taken few professional courses on design, I like to consider myself an amateur designer-by-trade. Virtually all of my professional experiences required Adobe and graphic design skills. I hope to foster my passion for design and pursue a design-oriented master’s degree, focusing on developing climate-resilient infrastructure, public spaces, and transportation for the built environment.


My passion for sustainability started when I made my first recycling bin from an empty cardboard box found in my garage when I was in the third grade. Unfortunately, the cardboard box did not last long after my mother accidentally recycled a half-filled Coke can, damaging the integrity of the box. Luckily, my passion for sustainability outlived the cardboard box. Whether it was being that guy who had recycling and compost bins at his college parties or depending on my bike as my main transportation source, I surely earned the nickname Recycling Police. I hope to consolidate my ever-expanding passion for sustainability and direct it towards improving the built environment.